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Post  gekiganwing on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:31 am

It took a while, but I finally created a thread about PA:LM. This visual novel has been in the works for a while. As of this writing, it's still a work in progress -- the most recent blog post says "Artists Still Wanted." So it will likely be a while...

The story is reasonably similar to the canon world of Friendship is Magic. In other worlds, all the characters are close to their cartoon selves. You could call it an alternate universe story, but the only thing which seems distinct so far is the possibility of shipping the main character with someone else. Here are the team's goals, as stated on their About page:

"The game has a total of four arcs, each downloadable after they have been made, with the player able to choose the gender and name for their pony. In the game the player is given choices that will continue the story on various paths. Each arc lasts a total of seven days, allowing the player to interact with various characters in the game and follow their own independent stories before moving on the main story. Players are encouraged to follow these sub-plots in order to increase their friendship and maybe even establish a romantic relationship further on should players desire one."

You can ask questions on their forum, and you might get a reply from the creators.

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Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries Empty Re: Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries

Post  Rainbow Wavedash on Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:10 pm

It looks very good and I'm totally not biased in any way at all.Oh man those CMC sprites look really well done...
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