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Another new student incoming Empty Another new student incoming

Post  ExtremistLine on Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:50 am

Well hello there everyone, another new forum member here. I'll try to make my introduction at least somewhat interesting.

Name's ExtremistLine. I'm a brony (as much as I hate the term...) who's massively excited for this project. I got started watching MLP when I made a deal with a friend who was a brony. At the time, I was a bit of a "hater", and thought the whole brony fad was stupid. The deal was, I'd watch 12 episodes of MLP, he would watch all 12 episodes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I watched all 12 episodes, he quit at episode 3 because his favorite character died >_> At the time I had a "meh" opinion on MLP, but I randomly started watching more episodes and eventually got hooked.

I'm a gamer, with around 200+ games in my collection. My favorite game is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES for the PS2. I mostly play free-to-play MMO games with my friends, most notably League of Legends, Warframe, Lost Saga, and SMITE. I go by "ExtremistLine" on pretty much everything, or "ExtremistL1" if my normal name doesn't fit.

I'm a veteran of Katawa Shoujo, and enjoyed a small stint as a semi-well known fanfiction writer. I almost got to be a part of the writing team for one of it's fan-projects, Missing Stars, but I lost a competition to replace one of the character writers.

I stumbled across this project when I was browsing Derpiboru and came across a screenshot. Suffice to say, I'm incredibly excited for this 'game', and I'll be watching the site closely. I'm so excited in fact, that I started roleplaying Starswirl Academy with a friend of mine, who's also excited for this game.

I'll be hanging around the forums a decent bit, but I'm pretty shy, so don't expect me to start a lot of topics on my own...

Anyways, sorry for talking ya'lls ears off.

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Another new student incoming Empty Re: Another new student incoming

Post  gekiganwing on Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:17 pm

Thanks for posting.

What would be a good alternative term for "brony"? Hmm. There's "colt," which is based on fans who use 4chan's /co/ board. I don't know if anyone uses "FIM fan" or "FIMian," but they makes sense to me... since I've only watched Friendship is Magic, and since I haven't yet tried the older Pony cartoons.

I watched most of FIM seasons 1-3 through the full season DVD collections. Still haven't made time for Madoka Magica... might be a bit late now, since I've seen a lot of scenes that look like spoilers in AMVs.

I have posted on Missing Stars' forum a few times, though it has been a while. If you're looking to work with visual novel creators, then the Lemma Soft Forums are probably a good place to browse and become active. I have been active there for ten years, and I still post on a regular basis.

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