I cant wait to play the game

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I cant wait to play the game

Post  LTG on Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:03 am

So I heard about this game on /mlp/ a few months back and since then I have been lurking around. I really enjoyed Katawa Shojo and if this game is anything like that story wise, its gonna be worth the wait.

I can see that this board is slow, but I'll try to be here at least every weekend. Whats thats? "Why aren't you with your girlfriend on the weekend?" Oh Starswirl, you so silly.

So about me. I own a PS3 and 360
I love Dead Space and am looking forward to the 3rd part
Love JRPGS and RPGS, why cant we all just get along.
and Gonna pick up that Zone of The Enders HD release.

And I love datin sims H and non H, so long as the story is good. Because you know, we're all here for the plot.

See you guys around.


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Re: I cant wait to play the game

Post  rockmanll on Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:59 pm

1) That's cool, I have a 360 but I don't play it as much as I used too. 2012 in general has been a boring year of gaming compared to 2011.
2) Never played a Dead Space game, I hear they're good but I don't think it would be something that I would enjoy.
3) There are good JRPG's (Super Mario RPG) and good WRPG's (Mass Effect)
4) I have ZotE HD on my Gamefly list along with Assassins Creed 3, admititly I'm hoping I get AC3 but I'm not holding my breath.
5) When you say we're here for the 'plot', I'm gonna assume you mean the story related plot. I for the most part dislike H scenes but they are the norm so I can deal with it for the most part.

See You Space Cowboy

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