Ceresbane Writer of mlp:CC

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Ceresbane Writer of mlp:CC

Post  Ceresbane on Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:35 pm

Hello, I just happened to find this while browsing derpibooru

The art is beautiful and I suspect the writing is as well.

Personal introduction?

I'm currently creating a visual novel myself, made possible by the many resources the brony community deems itself worthy to share amongst itself.

For what I lack in my own ability, I try to make up for it in innovation. I like to see myself as an ideas guy and will do whatever I can to that end.

As such I do work on a lot of projects and even act as a critic upon request. Many stopping and starting and others making pleasant progress. In terms of the brony community, I haven't been a content creator for very long.

In terms of personality, I do acknowledge my own nonconformity over what I believe is right. An unpopular opinion or truth is sometimes what I speak.

As my name implies, I have a dislike to blind fan fanaticism and question the "gods" often and like to think I do so with realist objectivity.

And as a final statement I guess I will say you have my support and criticism and hope the project becomes the best it can be.

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Re: Ceresbane Writer of mlp:CC

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:08 am

Hello. I still can't thank you enough for telling me all that I did wrong. I think we started out on the wrong foot and I'm going to make a better effort at my overly-annoying attributes. Can we start over?


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