Not gonna lie...

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Not gonna lie...

Post  SLappyPAncake on Wed May 29, 2013 8:43 pm

Well I'm new here...

I guess i'll start by introducing myself (That's A Surprise)

My name... Gavin or SLappy

My hobbies... Partying, Sleeping, Snowboarding, Gaming and Football (American kind)

My favorite food... Cupcakes (Taco's a close second)

My Favorite animal... an Alligator

Favorite Color... Pink/Dark blue (Didn't see that one coming)

This sounds all to familiar eh? (No shit Sherlock...)

My Nationality... Canadian (I might say sorry a lot)

Favorite Pony...Don't got one (Not Gonna lie... Pinkie and Applejack)

What I plan on doing here... I guess giving my input on everything i come across, Not gonna lie this is something i really want to be apart of, I personally believe that this will challenge Katawa shoujo's VN (

AND last but not least! ( Let the Ass kissing begin #NotGonnaLie)

I hope everybody's well and i wish luck to all those out there reading thi,s especially to the creators you wonderful sons of bitch you!

I hope to help out where i can! Cheers Mate! Smile

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