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Post  gekiganwing on Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:26 am

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend Crystal Fair (and bring along some of my rare VNs and related games). But I watched the new trailer, and had some feedback...

* It's a little surprising to see that the human versions of the ponies will retain their original names. Especially since their names would be unusual in any modern-world culture. Might this be a plot point?

* It's also surprising to see that the protagonist's name is Tom, after the rock from "Return of Harmony." Since the Starswirl Academy FAQ states that the protagonist will be a character with a personality (rather than a collection of stats, a heroic mime, an AFGNCAAP, or a stand-in for the audience), I'm curious as to how the person will be written.

A number of ambitious MLP:FIM related fan projects have died before they could be released. This is also depressingly true for a lot of other freeware games, webcomics, and creative works in other fandoms. Hopefully Starswirl can beat the odds. Feel free to post on Lemma Soft and other relevant forums when you feel it's appropriate.

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Post  Grollo on Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:51 am

Going through my reactions chronologically:

First: Voice acting. Very nice. The speaker really sounded like Twilight Sparkle, and gave a fantastic performance. From what I understand, the game will not be fully voiced, and that's fine - too much work and too hard to get it right for everyone for it to be worth it. But you can't have a voice like that and not use it in the game itself, so I'm hoping we might hear her (and maybe someone else) somewhere in the game.

Second: Screenshots/gameplay footage. This looks mostly like I expected. There was something odd about the sprites though. While they were well-drawn, something about them seems off. I can't put my finger on it - maybe it's the quality, them sticking out against the background or something else. I just get a feeling some detail is wrong.

Third: Animation. Awesome. Seems like the game will have at least some parts animation, as what we saw was likely from the opening. It looked really good. If the voice acting is for animations only and you have as much of it as Katawa Shoujo, I will be a happy man indeed.

(I wonder if the devs are getting tired of their game being compared to Katawa Shoujo. It's probably going to keep happening, because it's the obvious comparison to make.)

As for the protagonist being Tom, I posted about that in another thread.

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