The Doom Pigeon bids thee welcome, mortals.

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The Doom Pigeon bids thee welcome, mortals.

Post  Kaleopolitus on Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:34 am

To shit, or not to shit one ones head. That is my everlasting dilemma. But if I've got 99 heads to shit one, it sure will not include the devs of Zap-Apple! Keep at it, you awesome people!

So, pedantics aside, I'm a gamer, ex-brony, lover of anime and still have a fond place in my heart for the more excellent works by the MLP community. While I sure have some complaints about the demo, it is looking only a tad bit less strong than Katawa Shoujo was back in those days! (I'm honest about things, you'll notice it soon enough.)

So, here I come and here I stand. Let's roll, shall we? And by rolling, I mean squirming in our seats at the awesomeness of another indie made visual novel.

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